Friday, October 28, 2011


Nadia's birthday is coming up, I think a handmade quilt (cuddle size) from me to her would be nice.
After thinking it through this is what I came up with:

My very own design

Finding the right design and fabric was harder then I expected. 
Her taste has changed so much ( she is turning in a young adult right in front of me).
At least her colors have not changed jet.

So I got fabrics with prints/themes/colors she likes (hopefully)

Now all I have to do is pre-wash, cut and sew.
I hope I finish it before her birthday.

Take care


  1. You are always going to have doubts right up to the point where you'll hand over your creation. But they do disappear as fast as the smile appears on the person face who ends up receiving your present!
    I love your fabric choices and they are perfect for Nadia!
    By the way, I rarely prewash my fabrics. I like the extra crinkles and wrinkles I get when I wash the quilt the first time...

  2. When do you recomend prewashing fabrics?