Monday, October 31, 2011

WIP (work in progress)

Today I finally precut all of Nadia's fabric. Also a while ago she had asked  if it would be possible for her name to be on the quilt somehow. After thinking it through this is what I came up with
It took quiet a while to cut out, arrange, and  press everything( I  can not believe it take so long for a short name like this). I think it turned out great. All I need to do is to sew around the letters so the will not fall off ( now that would be something LOL).

After laying everything out, I numbered my rows and put everything up

 until tomorrow for round 2 of WIP.After all that cutting I am ready for a break today,well at least that is, until the kids get home.
You know what I'm saying?!
Don't you?!
I hope you had a nice day.

Take care

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pretty little things

Here are a few things I made  this afternoon. It was a cold day, the kids were busy doing projects for school and playing.So what better time then that to sew some things.

Karin, do you remember this fabric?
Something I made for Salem ( hard to find something teenage boy's like)
I also followed your suggestion about using Velcro instead.

How was your Saturday?
Take care

Friday, October 28, 2011


Nadia's birthday is coming up, I think a handmade quilt (cuddle size) from me to her would be nice.
After thinking it through this is what I came up with:

My very own design

Finding the right design and fabric was harder then I expected. 
Her taste has changed so much ( she is turning in a young adult right in front of me).
At least her colors have not changed jet.

So I got fabrics with prints/themes/colors she likes (hopefully)

Now all I have to do is pre-wash, cut and sew.
I hope I finish it before her birthday.

Take care

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Signs of Fall

               Fall is in the air.
               The weather is suppost to get colder.
              The trees all of a sudden started to change their colors.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Creating Labels

Today I thought I will try to create my own labels. I used some rubber stamp letters, ink and some linen fabric

So I started to play around with it. It did not exactly turn out the way I wanted.

It was pretty messy stamping every single letter. Maybe I should just custom order a Stamp with my
Label name on it. 
It sure would be a lot easier on me. Then all I would  have to do is to Iron over it  and stitch it on to my creations.
What would you suggest?

Take care,


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It is starting to get colder here, so we decided it is time to harvest our home grown vegetables.
The tomatoes are still green but will turn red in no time .
Sami and his dad had fun picking them.

 Look how happy they look. Al is even pointing at his tomatoes.

 I can't wait for them to turn red and eat them. Can you believe that  when I went to the grocery store the other day, a lady in front of me paid  2 dollars for only two tomatoes? How crazy is that ?????
                                               How much do you pay ?



Monday, October 24, 2011

Sweet treat

 Nesreen and Sahra where doing something  in the kitchen friday afternoon.
They surprised me with these yummy muffins:

And Sami could not wait to get his fingers on them. They where really good. They tasted better then mine LOL. What a great sweet treat.

While they where making the treats, I was sewing a fabric basket. I got the idea from Ayumi's website at I made a little change to it. I stitched the corners together for more support.

How was your weekend?

Take care

Friday, October 21, 2011

Growing like weeds (LOL)

Today I have all of my kiddos at home ( it's a teacher workday).What better time then that to start going through there closets, with them being there and helping me. I can not believe how fast they grow, kind a like weeds LOL. So we went from exploding closets to almost empty closest. Wait a minute. What did I just say. Let me repeat. From exploding to empty. How funny is that. So that means SHOPPING. Maybe a trip to "Florence", not the one in Italy LOL. Normally I would hand down the small clothes to friends but since we moved not to long ago I haven't met anyone with small girls That means most of the cloths will go to Goodwill's, but here are some cute dresses I will reuse myself meaning using the fabric for new projects.
Here is a picture of some of the clothes I'm keeping

I can already see myself making  pencil pouches, mug rugs etc.. How cool is that lots of projects and no money to spend on  fabric.
What do you do with outgrown clothes?

Take care

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today after a great breakfast, I decided I should make a iPod touch case. Remember I told you Sahra's broke : - (  not to long ago? Well I thought  how about making a case with a  fabric necklace attached to it. After thinking things through I started by preparing my fabric

Then I started to sew everything together kind a like this:

Next it was time to assemble everything:

I did not think it would be that hard to get everything together LOL

So it ended up looking like this

Next I made the strap

And when that was done, it ended up looking like this 

Here is the end result

(not to bad I must say)

What have I learned:
Well I sure made a few minor mistakes. Which is not bad for me since this is my first try. I definitely will make a few changes to it. But I think all in all  I have the basic concept down.
It was fun trying to come up with something what would be great to use, so the iPod will not end up looking like this:

(We had endless tears over it.)

Let me know what you think (Improvements, etc.)
Take care for now.           

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday


Today is my best friends mom's birthday. We wish her well and hope that she has a very special day.
Please send her our wishes.

On that hand I have to say that I almost thought it was my birthday. Do you want to know why? Let me tell you.
I received a very heavy package today from my dearest best friend who is like a sister to me.
Take a look:
She always knows how to make me feel special. Thank you so much for all the goodies you included in there. I especially like the jewelry pouch ( you know exactly what I like).
Take care for now and thank you again.

Perfectly Imperfect

I was finally able to  finish(at least almost) my "Seeing Stars" table topper (only need to finish the blind stitching on it) and I really like the way it turned out. It may not be perfect but it is perfect to me. I love how all the colors came together and what learning experience it was for me. I almost saw STARS myself LOL. I find myself liking to quilt and create more and more ( credit goes to my BF, who is more like a sister to me, who introduced me a few years ago to the world of quilting).The backing of the quilt turned out to be  really cute. Don't you think. I used a old small baby crib sheet for it. I believe it used to be mine when I was a baby ( can not believe how long it survived) I know my mom used to use it for my baby's when we visited. What a great way to reuse something old.
Take a look for yourself:

The middle picture did not turn out  great so I took a closeup of it.
Let me know what you think.
 Take care


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No end in sight. Or is there?

You think I would have finished my project by now. Think again.
Take a look what I have so far:

Instead I have to take care of a sick little one.This time it's my sweet little girl. I guess that is what happens when one of them gets sick, it will make its round through them,  until we start all over again. But thank god that they do not get sick at the same time.

Here is to hopefully a somewhat more quieter week

Take a look at my oldest girl.
I wonder how she comes up with stuff like this.

I wish that could be me lol. How about you?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Almost there

So today I had a few hours to assemble my so called "Seeing Stars" table runner quilt top. It turned out just like I wanted it to.

Take a look:

I cannot wait to finish it. But first I have to go to the store and get more batting.What color binding should I use? I thought of a plum purple. What do you think? And on that note I just wanted to say how proud I am of my best friend. I was reading her blog this morning and could not believe my eyes. She is practicipating in a quilt show tomorrow were she will display some of her quilts. Also she is invited to be a guest speaker in about 2 weeks at a local quilt guild (were she lives) and feature around 20 I repeat twenty quilts that she has made. How awesome is that. I wish I could be there. But since I live far away all I can do is to say how proud I am of her/you and to wish you/her good luck.
Make sure you take lots of pictures for me.
Taker care for now.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Very Special

You will not believe what I got in the mail yesterday.

Take a look:

This is a small tablerunner and very special to me. I grew up with. It used to be on my grandmothers coffee table as long as I  remember. My grandma recently (well it has been a little while) moved to a nursing home due to her health. She is a very special and a very important person to me. I admire her strenght so much and over the years of growing up I have learned a lot from her.
So this special tablerunner will be placed on my dinning table from now on.

I think I might put a small Vase, Bowl or Candleholder on it.
What do you think?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Seeing Stars part # 2

Today will be a very busy day for me. So I don't think there will be much sewing today ; - ( .

So here is what I have so far:

As you can see I prepared all off my stars. How time consuming was that!

And then I started to lay out everything.

Still have more cutting to do, but I like what I see so far.
Stay tuned....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Seeing Stars

So I gathered  different fabrics together, thinking I will make a "Seeing Stars" table runner.
I kind of know how I want it to look like. Simple background but colorful stars. Maybe with a little embroidery.

Hopefully I be able to pre-cut everything today ( kind of hard when you have a sick little one to take care off).
You just have to stay tuned to see what  progress I'll make.

Take care for now

Monday, October 10, 2011

Giving it a try

Hello there,
So like we talked before I am going to give this a try. I am new to this and I really don't know what I am doing. So please be patient with me. . Seems like this will be advanture of its own.

Here is something I was working on last week

My very first wall hanging

Do you like it?