Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Take a peek

Can you believe it is Wednesday already? Seems like time is flying by so fast. I finally had some time to clean "my" little corner of the house. It normally does not look so clean, but since I cleaned it (to be honest the only reason I cleaned it is because I am  looking for something I misplaced), I thought I will snap a picture of it and share it with you. Looking at the picture, something is missing

Can you spot it? You're right, I am missing a design/inspiration wall. How do you create/make one? And what kind of ideas do you have? Anything be helpful.My mind is just notworking right at the moment, lol.
Take care
P.S: Do you like Owls?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little critters

These little critters been keeping a little busy here ( That is not the surprise I've been working on).
 I was browsing the Internet a few days ago and came across a tutorial on how to make them( unfortunately I do not remember the name of that blog to give credit to that person, so I made a little change to it) I thought how awesome it would be for it/them to accompany my Seasons greetings cards. So I made some and I sure like how they look. So watch out for your mail, because the little critter sure needs a loving, caring home lol.

Take care

Monday, November 28, 2011

Still here

I'm still here. Things have been pretty bussy here.With Thanksgiving behind (we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Turkey, potatodumplings and "blaukraut"and best of all my family) and the holidays ahead fast aproaching I am not sure if I get everything done and mailed out in time.
I wish I could show you some of the things I have finished but that would spoil the surprise, so I guess you have to wait just a little longer lol.
Here are just a few pictures from the last couple of days to share with you


Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and a long weekend.
Take care

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How do you..

... say "Thank You" in a way that is really special and filled with lots of love?
Let me back track a little. Yesterday we received a huge package and I mean huge (it was bigger than Sami) from my best friend. It was filled with lots of treasures and goodies. She has a way in sending "treasures" in the right time. It was overwhelming (in a good way) to see everything she and her family have mailed. All of it was either picked out with lots of love and care, or handmade with lots of love, care and time invested in it. We are so thankful and are very grateful to have friends (who we consider family) like that. So saying just "Thank you" is not the right word. I do not think there is a word that can describe how thankful we are, so I thought pictures say and tell more then a thousand words. Take a look:

P.S.: Karin, I am in love with my quilt and the other treasures I have gotten from you.The quilt fits perfectly on my bed

Take care

Friday, November 18, 2011

Yummie Science

Nadia had to do a science project yesterday. She had to come up with a animal cell. After doing a little research on the Internet, she decided to bake the project and then decorate it  to make it look like an animal cell ( I don't remember me learning about that back when I was in school. Do you?) Anyway she did a really nice job and I am so jealous of her class, because they get to eat it the cake after her teacher graded it.

Sure looks yummie to me.
Take care

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where in the world....


Where in the world have you been before?                       
Pretty neat to see where we have been before, I think I have marked every country I have visited or lived before. For my next project I would like to get a mid-sized world map and use pins and thread to mark every country and city me and my family had ever been to. I think it would be a great wall feature.
What are your thoughts on this?
Take care

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New project

Today and last night I started to work on a new project.It is the first time I am making something out of felt.I really like how it's turning out so far, but unfortunately I am not able to share with you what I am making, because it is a holiday gift. But what I can do is to show you some of the colors I'm using

   Pretty bright and bold colors don't you think?

Also last evening Al told me that I still needed to make some for his potluck the next day.Talk about it being last minute lol. So I recruited Al and Nadia to help me make some ...

Let's see if you can guess what we made?
Hope you had a nice Tuesday.
Take care


Monday, November 14, 2011

Pillow in progress

Over the weekend I was able to squeeze some time in for a little sewing. I still had some scraps left from the previous mug rugs and table runner I showed you, and did not want to waste them. So I decided to randomly sew them together, kind a like a mosaic. The pillow still looks a little flat because I did not have enough fill for it, but I will take care of it in a little while after I get back from running some errands. The only I wish I had done differently, is to sew it together different, so that I would be able to add a binding. But like they say: You learn ass you go along (or something like that, lol).

                                                     Hope you had a great weekend.
                                                                          Take care

Friday, November 11, 2011


 Past, Present, Future

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I could not resist

         After finishing these

I could not resist in making a  table runner with the left over fabric.

It started out looking like this

And ended up looking like that

And here is what the back looks like

I like this table runner much better then my "Seeing Stars" one, I think it's because off the size.This one is much slimmer in fits better on my table. And also you could switch it around and use the
other side instead. Who knew?, two for the price off one.
What are you making right now?
Take care

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mug Rugs

The nice thing about mug rugs is, that they come in all different sizes.You can design them anyway you want. I do not think that you can do anything wrong with it.I just love them, and I don't think you can have enough off them.
So today I was able to squeeze some time in to sew me up some mug rugs.

I randomly quilted the mug rugs together and added the  binding to it. I really don't like how I sewed the binding on and  I think the rest off them I will do by hand.

They are really fun to make and best off all the are super easy.If you have not made some yet, you should make some. Very usefull.

Take care

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Getting creative

So I gathered up some scrap fabric and bought some flour sack towels with the idea to make my own embelished kitchen towels ( I really do not like the ones you buy in the store.).I also would like to make some more mug rugs and costers and place mates.And also I need to get started on some holiday gifts.

But looking at my scrapes makes me relize that I need some different fabric. I hope I will be able to finish everything up in time.

Also I found this awesome cup today.It kind of reminds of a quilting/sewing project.
Can not wait to have some hot cocoa in it.

Take care


Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Cleaning

With it getting colder and wet outside, I thought today  would be a great fall clean up day since it is nice and kind of warm for a change. Let me tell you, it is not one off my favorite things to do. But one has to do what one has to do LOL.Only thing left to do is to figure out how to clean my windows from the outside ( they have storm windows attached to the outside). They are in desperate need off cleaning.
Hope Al can help me this weekend with it.
What where you doing today?(Besides work lol).
                                                     Take care

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Look who turned 13 today

I cannot believe that Nadia turned 13 today.Time has flown by so quick. It seems like yesterday that she was born. They just grow up to fast. Anyway:

 Nadia we wish you a very happy birthday and we love you soooooo much.

Here are some pictures from then and now
Nadia five days old
Nadia's first birthday

Nadia on her 13th birthday

                                                    Take care
P.S.: Nadia said thank you to everyone who called.