Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect

I was finally able to  finish(at least almost) my "Seeing Stars" table topper (only need to finish the blind stitching on it) and I really like the way it turned out. It may not be perfect but it is perfect to me. I love how all the colors came together and what learning experience it was for me. I almost saw STARS myself LOL. I find myself liking to quilt and create more and more ( credit goes to my BF, who is more like a sister to me, who introduced me a few years ago to the world of quilting).The backing of the quilt turned out to be  really cute. Don't you think. I used a old small baby crib sheet for it. I believe it used to be mine when I was a baby ( can not believe how long it survived) I know my mom used to use it for my baby's when we visited. What a great way to reuse something old.
Take a look for yourself:

The middle picture did not turn out  great so I took a closeup of it.
Let me know what you think.
 Take care


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  1. I love it! The stars are perfectly arranged and the quilting is fabulous! I showed it to Martin and he was really impressed. He even did his little chuckle which is Martin speak for "Hot diggity dang dang!" LOL
    My parents didn't keep anything form back when I was a baby. I sure wish I could have at least a teeny little outfit of mine (even if the 70's fashion was atrocious!)... sigh!
    I bet you had to think quite a bit about if you wanted to use the crib sheet for it. But it was a really good decision. It fits perfectly together with the quilt top. And now, you'll smile every time you put it on the table!