Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Seeing Stars

So I gathered  different fabrics together, thinking I will make a "Seeing Stars" table runner.
I kind of know how I want it to look like. Simple background but colorful stars. Maybe with a little embroidery.

Hopefully I be able to pre-cut everything today ( kind of hard when you have a sick little one to take care off).
You just have to stay tuned to see what  progress I'll make.

Take care for now


  1. Looking at your fabrics makes my imagination go wild! Wow, the fabrics complement each other and I think it is going to look really nice!
    Don't make my mistake and check the temperature of your iron before you apply the "steam a seam" for your stars if you are using it...

  2. The little one is still sick? I hope he is on the mend though! Give him a hug from us...