Friday, December 16, 2011

Just because...

Just because it is Friday today, I thought it would be great tohave a second post to share with you, with some things the kids made last night.
Once a week we have pizza night, and you know that we make homemade dough for it. We had some dough left over and the kids had asked if they could use it. I said sure why not. So after they ate and washed their hands they got busy in the kitchen. I sneaked a glimpse to see what thy where doing and saw that they were using some cookie cutters. How creative of them.
So this is what they  made :
Homemade shaped bread. How cool is that? All we need now is some "Hummus" to go with it.

I sure love my kids and their creativity.I can not wait to taste some of their yummy bread, lol.
                                        Happy Friday and have a nice weekend.
                                                            Take care

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