Monday, January 23, 2012

First sewing of the year and more

Today I did my first sewing of the year. It felt so good to finally sew something again .Recovery has been long and boring, and I know I'm still supposed to take it easy, but I think it should be OK to sew twice a week for now. I really like what my "sister" is making out of her scrapes, that I had to copy her, lol. It is a great project and the instructions are super easy.

So, here is my first scrap square

Not bad at all
I am so exited about it and can not wait to make more of these.

So besides sewing, I have been teaching the little guy some pre-school stuff at home. He is very exited about it and I hope he will be ready for "real" school soon, but for now I am enjoying him at home. Here are a few pictures of him

It is good to be back
Take care for now

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  1. Welcome Back! Take it slow thoughand don't over do it.
    That square is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see more...
    And Sami has grown so much in the last couple months! He looks so much like Al! I am in love with those eyes :-)