Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today after a great breakfast, I decided I should make a iPod touch case. Remember I told you Sahra's broke : - (  not to long ago? Well I thought  how about making a case with a  fabric necklace attached to it. After thinking things through I started by preparing my fabric

Then I started to sew everything together kind a like this:

Next it was time to assemble everything:

I did not think it would be that hard to get everything together LOL

So it ended up looking like this

Next I made the strap

And when that was done, it ended up looking like this 

Here is the end result

(not to bad I must say)

What have I learned:
Well I sure made a few minor mistakes. Which is not bad for me since this is my first try. I definitely will make a few changes to it. But I think all in all  I have the basic concept down.
It was fun trying to come up with something what would be great to use, so the iPod will not end up looking like this:

(We had endless tears over it.)

Let me know what you think (Improvements, etc.)
Take care for now.           

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  1. This case is awesome! It might save quite a few iPods from the same "cracking" end as this one :-)
    The only thing that I would change is the small button. Sami might get frustrated fiddling with such a small button. Can you imagine him being tired and cranky trying to get the iPod out? I would use a small square of Velcro instead!
    By the way, I have the same ironing board cover... LOL!