Friday, October 21, 2011

Growing like weeds (LOL)

Today I have all of my kiddos at home ( it's a teacher workday).What better time then that to start going through there closets, with them being there and helping me. I can not believe how fast they grow, kind a like weeds LOL. So we went from exploding closets to almost empty closest. Wait a minute. What did I just say. Let me repeat. From exploding to empty. How funny is that. So that means SHOPPING. Maybe a trip to "Florence", not the one in Italy LOL. Normally I would hand down the small clothes to friends but since we moved not to long ago I haven't met anyone with small girls That means most of the cloths will go to Goodwill's, but here are some cute dresses I will reuse myself meaning using the fabric for new projects.
Here is a picture of some of the clothes I'm keeping

I can already see myself making  pencil pouches, mug rugs etc.. How cool is that lots of projects and no money to spend on  fabric.
What do you do with outgrown clothes?

Take care

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  1. Kids grow faster than weed! You pop them out and you turn around and suddenly the baby has become a teenager! Kinda depressing, really!!!
    I used to give the clothes that were still in really good condition to you and my sister. But you moved away, and my niece is now taller and "bigger" than Pasha. So Red Cross it is...