Friday, November 4, 2011

Is it a quilt or a blanket?

I finished up Nadia's quilt. And I am really pleased how it turned out. I went to 3 different stores to find the backing for it but could not find a blue I/she liked. So i settled for a off white/cream fleece backing. I think it is the perfect fit for it.
My question for you now is, is it considered a blanket or a quilt? I'm not sure what to call it because I sewed it together different this time

What do think?
Also I was able to go to the post office today and when I came home I had the perfect cup off
 German coffee

 and a piece off Lebkuchen(gingerbread cookie). After all it is perfect for weather looking like this

                                                  I hope you had a pleasant Friday,
                                            I sure did ( even if the weather is not nice).

                                                                Take care


1 comment:

  1. The quilt is gorgeous! I can see her all snuggled under it with a big fat smile on her face :-)
    I would say that it is still a quilt. A quilt is made up of at least 2 layers (top and bottom) and most often with a third layer of batting in between. A blanket is usually just one layer. I really like your mug rug! Do you use it often?