Friday, November 18, 2011

Yummie Science

Nadia had to do a science project yesterday. She had to come up with a animal cell. After doing a little research on the Internet, she decided to bake the project and then decorate it  to make it look like an animal cell ( I don't remember me learning about that back when I was in school. Do you?) Anyway she did a really nice job and I am so jealous of her class, because they get to eat it the cake after her teacher graded it.

Sure looks yummie to me.
Take care


  1. That's really creative!!! If it only tasted half as good as it looked... she'll sure received an A! Oh by the way, could this cake be considered a "bribe" for the teacher? :-)

  2. Uhh... i was not bribing my teacher!!!!
    I just wanted to make a good grade because it was a test grade. Thanks mommy for helping me frost the cake im very thankful<3