Friday, December 9, 2011


Thanks to you, I did decided to go for the casserole holder . Like you said it would be to pretty to be hidden away.
So this is how I made the back
And when I was finished with it, I sandwiched everything together and thought I should quilt it like you did with the Atlanta Star quilt, or sooo I thought.
Here is how I drew my lines on it

Pretty don't you think? Well I had to try out my free motion sewing at first on a piece of scrap. Thinking it would not be sooooo hard to do, lol. Well take a look for yourself what I ended up with

This is calling for a personal lesson when you come to visit,lol
Thank goodness I tried on a piece of scrap first, because otherwise it would have been ruined. So my mind went like this: Oh crap, What now? Then I remembered on your blog, that you had drawn some diagonal lines on one of your projects before. This is when it came to me that it be safer for me to do so too. So I drew on some lines like this
Sorry for that bad picture
After that all I had to do is was to quilt it and ad some binding to it. Here is the finished product

Now I need to somehow remove the lines. Any suggestion on how to remove them? Did I mention that I did use a Mark-be-gone marker?
Take care


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  1. Free Motion Quilting can be hard. I always have trouble keeping the same speed so that my stitches end up even! Make yourself a big (about the size of your casserole top) quilt sandwich out of muslin and just practice. Remember that on some machines you have to lower the feed dogs so that you quilt sandwich glides underneath the needle without that it catches on anything! I am still making those practice quilt sandwiches after all these years. Oh, and I draw/doodle those lines also on recycle paper when I am on the phone at work :-)
    To get rid of the markings, just take a spray bottle and thoroughly wet your top. It just disappears like magic ;-) Great job on the straight line quilting! It really compliments the geometric design !