Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hexagon makings

This is what I ended up making yesterday

It's a piece of  linen fabric with some hexagons sewn to it. I am still debating if I should ad some Insul-batting and a back so it could be used for a casserole holder or leave it like this and just have it hanging on the oven handle. What do you thing?

*When I first made the small hexagons, I thought I would be stitching them together so the would look like flowers. But when I started to sew them together they did not turn out like I thought they should. I guess it looked easier then it really is. Making them was really easy, but  sewing them together is a hole different chapter, lol.
Any suggestions?

Take care

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  1. I don't know anything about hexagons. They always intimidated me and I was in awe that you were trying your hand at them! I really like your "casserole" cover and would definitely add Insul-batting! You can also use it then on the table and place hot dishes on it! It's just too pretty to hide though!
    What happened to Nadia's wrist?