Monday, December 5, 2011

What a bummer

Look what came back in mail mail today:

I mailed my "Holiday" mail out last week, and this is what came back in my mail today. It's only one (of course it had to be the one that I mailed for my "Omi"grandma) but it makes me wonder if more will follow?! I'll guess this is what I get for mailing them out from my house and not the Post office. So next time I make sure I mail it out at the post office. I applied more postage, and hope they will send it out this time.
By the way, when I went to mail the surprise box to you this is what I discovered

Sami added his own little message to the box. When I asked him what he had wrote he said:
Merry X-mas.
How cute is that?
Take care

1 comment:

  1. I love that Sami has to put his message on the package! He is such a cutie!
    It really sucks when your mail is sent back. It hasn't happen to me yet because I always have to go to the post office to drop off mail, sigh! I do miss the convenience of mailing letters from home. I would write more than I do now! I just never seem to remember that I have to mail stuff even if I am driving by the post office and I have the stuff ready to go in my car! LOL