Monday, February 13, 2012

Takeling a teenager's room

For a while now Nadia has been asking me if I could redo her old tag board and rearrange her room. So finally this weekend we tackled her room, lol.
It took us almost all day and  I had to get Salem to help us, because her furniture is to heavy for me ( I know mom I still need to take it easy,lol).

So here is what Nadia's old tag board looked like before we took on the change

And here is a picture off her room after we rearranged it

Can you guess where the tag board is?
In case you can not see the tag board good (which I can't) here is a closer look

Nadia is so happy with the outcome of her room and thanks to Karin for sending me those amazing fabrics I was able to redo her blah tag board in an  amazing wall art.
How was your weekend?
Take care



  1. I love the room... It's a great fit for a great young lady! The fabric board does a wonderful job of tying all the colors in the room (especially the curtains!) together.
    I showed Pasha Nadia's room. Pasha thought that it was straight out of a PB teen catalog. I told her I wish her room was like Nadia's. Her answer: "Dream on Mami!" Hmmm, one can hope right!?

    1. Her room does not always look like that,lol.
      Nadia sure agrees with me on that one.

    2. LOL... how long did her room stay like that then? :-)

  2. Not very long...only a few days but i'm about to clean it now. :P
    Hey but i do alot of things in there. like reading sleeping, my hair sometimes makeup (don't really were alot of makeup any more) But thats a good thing