Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring fever

The last few days have been very hot outside, and where ever you look you see flowers, shrubs and trees blooming. It's like an ocean of blossoms.
All this colors are giving me spring fever and make me want to sew again :D,
I made a nice picnic quilt (when it's completed) at least I think this is what I will use it for. The only problem ,is that I do not know how to best quilt it. Any ideas?

The shrubs in the back are gorgeous. I love the color of them.

Rolled up and ready to be quilted
I wish I could free motion quilt like you, but I 'm not there yet.
How would you quilt it?

Take care


  1. The pink and the blues are just a wonderful color combination. Have you finished the quilting on it yet?
    What type of flowers are those in the background of your quilt photo? By the way it's a genius way of photographing your quilt! I never thought of of using pant hangers!!!
    Hope everything is well with everyone!

  2. Jasmin, you need to update your blog :-)

  3. ... and still waiting :-) Have mercy and update your blog. I am dying to see new pictures of what you and your loved ones are up to!