Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Take a peek

Can you believe it is Wednesday already? Seems like time is flying by so fast. I finally had some time to clean "my" little corner of the house. It normally does not look so clean, but since I cleaned it (to be honest the only reason I cleaned it is because I am  looking for something I misplaced), I thought I will snap a picture of it and share it with you. Looking at the picture, something is missing

Can you spot it? You're right, I am missing a design/inspiration wall. How do you create/make one? And what kind of ideas do you have? Anything be helpful.My mind is just notworking right at the moment, lol.
Take care
P.S: Do you like Owls?


  1. Your crafting space is awesome!
    A corkboard is most often used to pin on your inspirations. I have several hanging over my computer desk. I would use a regular flannel sheet for your design wall. Staple a flannel sheet on a long piece of wood (so lang wie eine Latte!) and then hang it up on the wall. The fabric will adhere to the flannel without problems. I used to have one (queen sized sheet) in our old house. But then we moved and now our wall space is practically non-existent!
    I hope you find what you are missing soon!

  2. I didn't even see the p.s.! Yes, I love owls. I have a couple really special ones!