Friday, December 2, 2011

Attic treasures

Do you remember when  we first moved in our new/old house that I told you we had found some great little things in the attic? Well I thought today be a great day to show you one of the things that I found.
I never heard of that company before . I 'm not sure if I'm going to use them but most likely will display them somewhere for decoration.
*Not much crafting is going on at the moment,my hands are kind of aching from all the " hand" sewing I have done in the past few weeks. But it was all worth it, lol.
*And most of my x-mas cards have been sent out. Gifts have been wrapped up and boxed up and ready to be mailed out with the hope that they will reach their destination in time.
* Finally I'm so glad it is friday and look forward to spend a quiet (maybe not soooo quiet) weekend with my family, lol.
What are your plans this weekend?
Take care

1 comment:

  1. Wow, all I ever find in basements and attics is dirt!
    You are way ahead of me in your holiday preparations! I am done maybe about 25%. But I am working on it without hurry and stress... that's something, right?
    I am at work right now, and I will be here tomorrow as well. But I am off on Monday and I won't do anything then. Hmmm, except for maybe calling you!?